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Blade Nano CP S In Stock

The Nano CPX was one of our favorite collective-pitch helicopters, and it wasn't all that long ago that it was discontinued. We didn't, at the time, know why Horizon decided to stop production on the tiny helicopter, but we weren't happy about it.

All's forgiven, though, now that the Nano CP S has arrived. It's the same great chassis and same great handling, but with the added benefit of Horizon's SAFE technology, giving the pilot a panic switch and envelope limiting - an upgrade that makes the Nano CP S even better for collective-pitch novices. There's really nothing to dislike about the Nano CP S - even the price! The helicopter is available as a Bind-N-Fly for only $99.99, and for those that want a radio with it, $129.99 gets you the Ready-to-Fly edition. If you're at all interested in collective-pitch flight, check out the Blade Nano CP S!


Blade Glimpse FPV Now In Stock

I was excited about the Blade Glimpse from the moment it was announced. I have a tough time flying FPV with goggles (mostly because of my glasses), so a top-notch quadcopter with FPV streaming to a phone sounded pretty amazing. Now, the Glimpse has come out and is in stock.

The Glimpse is equipped with SAFE technology for ease-of-use, and has an integrated HD camera capable of 720P HD capture. It's a little bigger than the Blade Nano QX, and that extra size makes it a bit more stable outdoors, though it's still plenty small enough to fly inside. You can enjoy 6-8 minute flights with the included 500mAh 1S LiPo, and the included USB charger makes recharging a breeze.

The best part about the Glimpse is the First-Person-View setup. It allows streaming to multiple smartphones or tablets with it's "Team View" tech. The stream is still a little laggy, but better than most WiFi FPV rigs. As a primer on FPV flight and aerial photography, the Glimpse should be a winner. Pick up an RTF ($220) or a BNF ($180) today!


Blade Nano QX 3D Now In Stock

Announced only two weeks ago, the Blade Nano QX 3D has arrived on store shelves. While we only have one left on the shelf at the moment, we are expecting another batch sometime mid-March. They run $129.99 for the Ready-To-Fly version.

Despite their "3D" nomenclature, the nQX 3D isn't entirely a 3D platform. The first two modes offer basic flying controls. The first mode's trigger pull performs a simply flip, while the second mode uses the trigger to roll the quadcopter 180°, allowing it to fly "inverted". I use the quotation marks because, while factually the multi-rotor is upside-down, it flies as though it were still right-side up. Only in the third mode (called EVO mode), does the nQX 3D fly like a traditional 3D helicopter. As such, I can't speak to how accurate that mode is, because I can't actually fly 3D.

The Nano QX 3D is plenty of fun to fly, and it allows an intermediate level pilot like myself to look plenty cool doing flips and rolls. It's got the precision level you'd expect from Blade, and all in all, isn't a bad quadcopter to ease into the high-octane world of 3D flying. Who knows - maybe it will help yours truly be a better pilot!


Blade 200SRx Power Adjustment Video

If you own a Blade 200 SRx, you know that the power can sometimes be a bit... lacking. This was done to make the 200SRx an easy helicopter for the co-axial pilot to fly, but to those of us that are a bit more advanced in our flying skills, we want to increase the power for this fun little rotorhead.

Well, the guys over at Blade are right there with us, and have posted a nice video on how to up the motor power on the 200SRx, using two different radios: the stock radio that comes with the ready-to-Fly model, and a Spektrum DX9. In both cases, Blade Brand Manager Steve Petrotto shows us how to get these helis up to 200% power. Awesome!

The video is embedded after the break, for your viewing pleasure!

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Nürnberg 2014: New Blade 200QX BL Quadcopter

The Blade 350QX was a big hit when it came out towards the end of last year. I know that we sold more of them than even I thought we would. In the wake of that success, Blade has announced a new, smaller version: the Blade 200QX BL.

This new little quad has many of the same features as its big brother: SAFE technology, a slick looking design, and brushless motors. It does lack the SMART mode technologies that the 350QX features, so no GPS, altimeter, or compass, no position lock. But it does appear to allow for a camera to be mounted (I suspect the E-Flite 720P Camera is the camera intended for use). The 200QX BL also features a translucent frame, so the internal LEDs can be used for orientation ques.

The Blade 200QX BL will be only available as a Bind-N-Fly model, and will be selling for $229.99 when it comes out in the summer of 2014. Pre-orders are welcome!


Nürnberg 2014: New Blade 200SRx Fixed Pitch Heli

With the Blade 120SR looking a bit long in the tooth, the time had come long ago for a successor to that throne. And while I'm not entirely sure if the Blade 200SRx is that successor or if it's carving out its own little niche, it's certainly a great looking heli.

The Blade 200SRx is a flybarless helicopter outfitted with brushless main and tail motors for great fixed-pitch performance. It's also the first traditional helicopter (meaning not quadcopters) to be equipped with Horizon's SAFE technology, limiting the pitch and roll of the helicopter for beginners. It even had the panic button to bring the helicopter into a safe, level hovering position!

The Blade 200SRx will be coming out in both a Bind-N-Fly ($219.99) and Ready-to-Fly ($259.99) version. The RTF version is coming with a transmitter similar to the one used on the Blade SR, but with a cool new trim scheme. Both versions will be coming with a 3S 800mAh LiPo battery and AC/DC charger. Current ETA for the heli is Summer 2014. Pre-orders are welcome!


New Blade 180QX HD w/ HD Camera!

With all the positive feedback we've gotten on the Blade 350QX, it's no surprise to see Horizon take the idea and run with it. The 350QX is already the most advanced quad-rotor camera platform on the market, and now Horizon has the mini market shored up too.

Introducing the new Blade 180QX HD. It's just under 12" square (about the size of the now-discontinued mQX). It uses the same 500mAh 1S LiPo batteries the mQX did, and now features SAFE technology, making the quad more stable than ever.

The best part is that the quadcopter comes with a high-definition 720p remotely operated camera!

The Blade 180QX HD is going to be available as either a Ready-to-Fly ($179.99) or Bind-N-Fly ($149.99), and both are expected to be available Mid-November. Pre-order now!


Blade 350 QX In Stock!

The Blade 350 QX is one of the hottest new products to come out in a long time. It was announced back in July, giving us plenty of time to antisipate the fun we'd have with it. Well, we don't have to wait any more! The Blade 350 QX has arrived in stock. We have 3 Ready-To-Fly models ($469.99) in stock at the time of this post. Bind-N-Fly models have already sold out, but we have more coming off of back order by the end of the month (hopefully).

For those not in the know, the Blade 350 QX is the first quadcopter to combine Horizon's fantastic SAFE technology with a frame capable of carrying a GoPro camera (the camera is not included) into the air. Coupled with the AS3X stabilization, this quad can take plenty of wind and stay on target. With features like Return to Home, SAFE Circle, and Smart Mode, the 350 QX is a great quad for anyone looking to start capturing video from the air. If aerial photography isn't your thing, the 350 QX still brings an unparalleled level of polish to the popular world of quadcopters.

Stop in and have us demo one for you soon! And check out the unboxing and startup video from Blade after the break!

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Blade 350QX Quad-Rotor Camera Platform Revealed

Many of our customers have come into the store looking for a "drone" platform; something that can have a camera attached to it, and be remotely piloted. Whether the desire stems from a search and rescue need (as some of our friends in law enforcement have asked about), to taking pictures of real estate, to just having fun with a camera, many of you have asked us about these platforms. Until now, there weren't any we could obtain - they were direct-to-consumer items only available on the Internet. Until now.

Blade has unveiled what may be their most successful product to date: the Blade 350QX. A firm release date isn't available yet - they're just saying "Fall 2013" - but I know these will be strong sellers, and even Horizon has said that they expect to sell out of pre-orders. So don't hesitate - pre-order yours today!

Details on the quadcopter and video after the break!

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New Blade nQX Announced, Due Mid-June

Blade has been a bit behind in the super small quadcopter market. Heck, even Traxxas beat them to the punch, and HeliMax gapped the field with their immensely popular 1SQ. I even named the 1SQ as one of my "Hits of 2012". But the playing field is about to get evened out.

Today, Blade revealed their newest helicopter, the uber-tiny Blade nQX. It's about the same size as the 1SQ. But it has some cool tech inside. It features SAFE, the beginner-friendly technology, that helps prevent beginners from getting into unfortunate situations. It also has, as you can see in the picture, built-in blade protectors to prevent striking the propellers on the wall.

The Blade nQX comes with a 150mAh LiPo battery, USB charger, two canopies, and extra propellers. It will be avialable in Bind-N-Fly or Ready-to-Fly for $69.99 and $89.99, respectively. It's due out Mid-June. Pre-Order one now, because I suspect we'll be selling out of them quickly! Video is after the break.

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KBDD Blades Now In Stock!

As I mentioned in my Toledo Bus Trip 2013 Wrap Up, one of the things we did at the show is pick up a new line of products. We had originally met KBDD at the iHobby show in Cleveland, but we weren't sure at the time that we needed another line of helicopter blades. When we got back, we found that many of our customers already flew with KBDD blades. So we decided to take them on.

We now have blades for the blade mCPX, mCPX BL, Nano CPX, and the Blade 130X in both Neon Yellow and Pearl Blue. We also have matching tail rotors for those helicopters. And they are pretty reasonably priced: either the same or cheaper than Blade's offerings. We can special order for other helicopters too!


Blade CX4 Announced

Back in October of last year, I wrote an article about the 10 Things I Wanted to See at iHobby. In it, I asked for a Blade CX4. I didn't get on then. But now I have.

Horizon announced yesterday the true next helicopter in the CX line. On the specs front, there isn't a whole lot that is changed from the CX2. The blades are now rubber coated and pivot on the blade grips. The battery has increased from a 2S to a 3S LiPo. The biggest change is in how frickin' cool this new heli looks! I love the body design on this bird. Look for these to be shipping in about a month to all Horizon's dealers at a RTF price of $229.99.


Blade Heli Price Drops: 300X, mSRX, 130X

Horizon Hobby just announced new, lower pricing on a handful of their Blade Helicopters. First, the Blade 300X is now selling for $319.99, down from $379.99. Next, the Blade mSRX helicopters, both Bind-N-Fly and Ready-To-Fly, are selling for a paltry sum of $99.99. I'm guessing that these helicopters didn't light the world on fire sales-wise, and they are getting ready to be discontinued.

The final the heli to see a price cut is the Blade 130X. It's now selling for $249.99, down from $279.99. I'm not sure how to rationalize this price-drop; I always thought the 130X sold well. Time will tell, I suppose.


Blade mCPX BL Announced

File this one in category "Why Won't They Let This Heli Die?". Horizon today announced the third iteration of the mCP X in under a year. Dubbed the mCP X BL, this new helicopter features brushless main and tail motors. It also has a brand new blade design (longer than the originals) and uses a 2S 200mAh LiPo instead of the 1S 200mAh it previously used. As a matter of fact, comparing images of the mCPX v2 and the new BL, I can't see anything that looks the same. Different blade grips, different landing skids, different (and cooler) canopy. The new heli will be shipping in about a month and runs $229.99. It's only available in Bind-N-Fly. Unless some customers surprise me with pre-orders, I think I'll take a wait and see on this one. Video after the break.

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Nano-Size Your Flights with the New Blade Nano CP X

Blade went and did it again. Introducing the Blade Nano CP X collective-pitch helicopter. It weighs in at just over an ounce. Honestly, I can't see this being a huge winner - the 130X has been getting fantastic feedback and reviews, especially from our customers. I can't see this being necessary in a crowded market.

If you're a Nano-minded individual, however, you can pick up either the BNF version at $149.99 or the RTF version for $189.99 at the end of September.

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