New Store Hours
Effective September 1st, 2015

Monday — Saturday: 10am — 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Why Shop With Us?

It’s true that there’s no shortage of online retailers ready and willing to sell the same products that we carry here at Roger’s Hobby Center. In today's competitive hobby market, why do we think shopping with us is worth your time and money? Here's our answer.

Multi-Chargers 101

Multi-Chargers are pretty much the norm now. You see them everywhere from the track to the airfield to the neighborhood park. But the manuals for these chargers sometimes leaves much to be desired. So we wrote our own. Read our step-by-step instructions for the easiest way to start using your charger.

Toys vs Hobbies

Choosing the right radio controlled product can be tough. This task is made even harder with the plethora of toy manufacturers that would have you believe their products are on par with hobby products. How can you tell the good from the bad? What’s the difference between a toy and a hobby product?