About Us

We've been around since 1983, serving Mid-Michigan's hobby needs. We believe that our job doesn't end when you walk out the door - it's just begun. We are happy to give advice, guidance, and service to everyone who walks through our door. Check out our About Us page to read more about our history.

Multi-Chargers 101

Multi-Chargers are pretty much the norm now. You see them everywhere from the track to the airfield to the neighborhood park. But the manuals for these chargers sometimes leaves much to be desired. So we wrote our own. Read our step-by-step instructions for the easiest way to start using your charger.

A Guide to LiPo Batteries

Many hobbyists are using LiPo Batteries - they are quickly becoming the standard in our industry. But what do you need to know about LiPos to use them safely? Check out our Guide to LiPo Batteries and find out all about the batteries and the care they require.