Why Shop With Us?

It’s true that there’s no shortage of online retailers ready and willing to sell the same products that we carry here at Roger’s Hobby Center. In today's competitive hobby market, why do we think shopping with us is worth your time and money? Here's our answer.

Hobby Shop Apparel

Show off your hobby shop pride with our branded T-Shirts and let everyone what your hobby's all about! The front features our "Life is short / Get a Hobby." quote, along with the store's name and date established. The back lists our sponsors, thanks to whom we're able to make these available for very reasonable prices.

Drones & Quadcopters

Drones are taking off in popularity; you shouldn't miss out on the fun! We've got some great models to choose from, in a variety of sizes, even some with cameras! Check them out!

Multi-Chargers 101

Multi-Chargers are pretty much the norm. You see them everywhere from the airfield to the neighborhood park, but the manuals for these chargers aren't very good. So we wrote our own.

Indoor eFly Events

Winter is hard on R/C pilots. Sometimes it's just too cold to fly. Indoor eFly events keep you warm and let you keep your skills sharp until the snow starts to melt!

Electric 4WD R/C Vehicles

Off-road or on-road, it doesn't matter when you have four wheel drive! Our selection of 4WD R/C trucks means you won't have to look far for the perfect truck for you!